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Take One Picture 2019-2020

Take One Picture 2019-2020

Take One Picture 2019-2020 1

Following on from our success with the Take One Picture project over the last two years, in which, our pupils' work was exhibited at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, we are developing work in response to the gallery's latest selection from their vast collection of beautiful paintings.


This year’s painting is Men of the Docks by George Bellows. The children are looking closely at this painting, finding out more about the painter, posing questions about the work and creating cross-curricular responses. Over the coming weeks, they will be developing their ideas and creating pieces of art inspired by this painting.


They will curate their own exhibition before October half term, and presenting their work to all who visit. From Reception to Year 6, the children will share their work, explaining how it was inspired by the painting and the processes they went through in order to achieve the final outcomes.


Watch this space for more information...