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Cleveland Road Primary School

5 Cs – Commitment, Care, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration

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Cleveland Road Primary School


Welcome to Mathematics at Cleveland Road Primary School

At Cleveland Road Primary School, we recognise Mathematics as a functional tool and a set of valuable key life skills. We want all children leaving Cleveland Road Primary School, not only to be numerate, but to be able to transfer their mathematical skills to other curriculum areas and into everyday life. By “numerate” we are referring to an individual’s ability to think and react mathematically, to apply number sense to everyday situations and to reason, using acquired number knowledge.


We want to impart to our children that Mathematics is not confined to just acquiring mathematical skills, but is most importantly about adopting an inquiring approach, being curious and approaching the problems with enthusiasm. Our ultimate aim is to lead children to employ the appropriate application skills to problem solving with confidence.



At Cleveland Road Primary School, instruction in Mathematics is strongly underpinned by the following aims:

  • To ensure a broad, balanced, creative and stimulating mathematical curriculum in line with current curriculum guidance
  • To present Mathematics in meaningful contexts and to embed a range of practical activities designed to enhance children’s mathematical experiences
  • To ensure continuity and progression in the children’s learning as they progress through Cleveland
  • To instil in children a positive and confident attitude towards Mathematics, where independence and reasoned risk-taking are nurtured
  • To equip children with practical mathematical life skills and knowledge needed to function outside of school through to their adult lives
  • To highlight appropriate cross-curricular links
  • To involve our parents in their children’s mathematical learning both in school and at home
  • To encourage children to approach Maths creatively


These aims enable our children to:

  • Use a range of calculation strategies to solve real life problems competently and confidently
  • Recall number facts using a range of mental strategies to aid calculations rapidly and accurately
  • Gain a secure understanding of a wide range of mathematical vocabulary and use this to explain their reasoning and understanding
  • Have concrete number sense as well as the ability to reason with numbers, identifying when answers are sensible
  • Have a secure understanding of Shape, Space, Measures and Data Handling and the ability to apply concepts & skills in a cross-curricular way and in everyday life
  • Understand that making a mistake is a learning opportunity


We hope that the information on these pages provides parents with useful information alongside support and resources to aid home learning.


Cleveland Road Primary School

Cleveland Road, IlfordIG1 1EW