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Staff Remote Access

Foldr @ Cleveland Road Primary


Foldr will allow you to access your school documents from home.  


You are given "live" access to these folders and files so any changes you make to the folders or documents will be made on the file server.


To log into Foldr click the link below


Use your usual login credentials


You will be given access to the following drives

My Documents

Year Groups



Teacher Admin

Pupil Share


OneDrive / Sharepoint


You can link your Office 365 account by clicking the OneDrive icon and typing your credentials. 


Editing Microsoft documents

If you open a Microsoft document (Word/ExcelPowerpoint) and you have linked your Office 365 account it will give you the option to open the document in either Office online or Office on your computer. If you edit these documents and save, the changes will be made on the file server too.


If you download the document to your computer and then edit you will need to upload the edited version using Foldr to see the change at school.  



Right-click a folder you might use regularly, click the bookmark option and it will save the location in "My Bookmarks" making it quicker to get to the folder you want next time.  


Any problems or questions contact Chris Dipple.





Remote Access for Cleveland Road Staff



Please follow these instructions to log in


Click the link below to open the remote access page


Click the Application Portal icon


Enter your username and password, these are the same details you would use at school and email


Once logged in you will need to click the Cleveland Road Remote Access icon.


You will be logged into a virtual desktop which means not all software/applications will be available. The following will be available


Personal documents

All work drives

Target Tracker - This service is very slow due to Target Tracker been cloud-based. 

Microsoft products (Word)

IWB software - CleverLynx, Smart and Active Inspire.


Any problems please email Chris