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Cleveland Road Primary School

5 Cs – Commitment, Care, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration

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Cleveland Road Primary School


Welcome to our Artsmark Journey

Welcome to Cleveland Road Primary School's Artsmark page. Artsmark has been designed by schools, for schools, to align with School Development Plans, giving the curriculum breadth and balance. As well as recognising schools that are making the arts come alive, the Artsmark award is a practical and valuable tool for enriching a school’s arts provision, whatever the starting point. 


Join us as we work towards obtaining the Artsmark award. Our Artsmark pages are intended to inform and engage parents, inspire pupils and celebrate achievement. They are also aimed at providing an online resource, for teachers and other professionals, by creating a portfolio of ideas, plans and materials that can be used beyond our school.


You can follow our Artsmark journey by clicking on the links below to find out more about each of the arts projects we undertake, by reading our school newsletters and by following our school's Twitter feed. 

Breaking News - Cleveland Road Primary Awarded Artsmark Platinum!

Feedback from Arts Council England:


Thank you for your submissions to Artsmark.


Your Statement of Commitment and Case Study/Statement of Impact have been assessed and we are delighted to inform you that your setting has been awarded an Artsmark Platinum Award. Congratulations!


We have made the following comment about your submissions:


Your children and staff are very lucky to be at Cleveland Road Primary School. The clarity of your vision of the value and role of the Arts in children’s learning and lives is deeply impressive, as is the leadership of your school in the implementation of your vision and the evaluation of its impact. Your pedagogy is fully committed to the Arts and with this comes a proper understanding of the value of the Arts in developing children’s sense of ownership of their learning and their lives. Your growth in pupil-led work has required sensitive management and strong investment in CPD to give staff the skills and the confidence to give children their voice, develop their imagination, exercise their critical thinking skills and allow them to curate their own artistic lives. The range of your offer is excellent and has developed even further, and your engagement of children in e.g. Works Week projects in arts venues to give them authentic experience of possible careers in the Arts is most impressive. Your attention to equality and diversity is very strong, as evidenced by your Roma project, and it is good that you are attending to the need to foster diversity in your partnership work. Partnerships have grown strongly during your Artsmark journey, from an already strong base, and it is very impressive that your approach to the Arts has been documented as exemplary in various forms by the arts providers with who you have engaged. Your understanding of the value of these partnerships to staff development as well as to enriching children’s and parents’ engagement, has ensured that they have made a difference. Your contribution to the National Gallery’s teacher training for Take One Picture will be one of many ways in which you can now extend your influence as you continue to develop. You have already made a difference to curriculum design in other settings and your willingness to share good practice might now evolve into taking an even stronger role in advocating for the Arts beyond your setting. You have a great deal to offer in this regard and the next step in your child-led approach might be to extend the children’s own work as ambassadors for the Arts beyond the school.


Congratulations on your Artsmark Platinum Award!

Visit our Multimedia page (using the links on the left) and use the link below to access our new Artsmark Video Channel:

Cleveland Road Primary School

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