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Cleveland Road Primary School

5 Cs – Commitment, Care, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration

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Cleveland Road Primary School

Conserving Water

This might not seem like a problem to you, but for billions of people around the world, access to clean water is one of life's biggest problems - cooking with, drinking and washing in. Can you use your creativity, imagination and ingenuity to solve this problem and ensure that every person on our planet has access to clean water?

Providing Access to Clean Water

With our Eco-Schools Bronze Award already secured, we are now putting our efforts into achieving the Silver Award and then the coveted Green Flag. It's not about the awards, however; it's about raising awareness and making a real difference in the world and that's where you come in!


We are inviting you to create a project - big or small - about access to clean water. All over the world, 2.2 billion people do not even have access to safely managed drinking water. Imagine not even being able to have a drink without possibly getting sick?


We will share you ideas here!

Cleveland Road Primary School

Cleveland Road, IlfordIG1 1EW