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The Arts in Primary Education

The Arts in Primary Education

The Arts in Primary Education 1

The Arts in Primary Education

Breathing life, colour and culture into the curriculum


We are delighted to be part of this wonderful book celebrating the joys and benefits of a creative curriculum. See below for further information from Bloomsbury.


About The Arts in Primary Education

'A beautifully reasoned argument, in the age of cuts, as to why the arts absolutely must be at the very heart of primary education' Jon Snow

Studying the arts, including visual arts, music, dance, drama and literature, has numerous benefits across the primary curriculum. A truly creative curriculum has the power to motivate and energise pupils; it develops creative and critical thinking, problem solving, language, and fine motor skills. But what is the best way to invest in and improve arts education across a school? Drawing on interviews with successful school leaders, case studies and her own extensive experience working in the education departments of the Courtauld Gallery, the National Gallery and Somerset House, Ghislaine Kenyon presents simple, inexpensive and practical ways to integrate the arts across the primary curriculum.

The Arts in Primary Education shows how resources already present in schools, such as picture books or the outdoor environment, can be used to develop a creative culture. With a focus on long-term initiatives including partnerships with art institutions and the training and personal development of teachers, the book also presents clear and accessible explanations of the benefits of integrating the arts across a school. Backed by research and evidence and complete with images and descriptions of artworks, this guide is ideal for helping develop a whole-school arts curriculum to enrich learning and raise attainment in all subject areas.


“Cogently argued and eloquently researched, this is a book which addresses an important aspect (often not given sufficient attention) of how we prepare young people for the life ahead of them.” –  Sir Quentin Blake, Illustrator and First Children's Laureate, @QuentinBlakeHQ,

“A beautifully reasoned argument, in the age of cuts, as to why the arts absolutely must be at the very heart of primary education – from one who knows!” –  Jon Snow, Journalist and Television Presenter, @jonsnowC4

“Ghislaine Kenyon has long experience in schools and galleries, in music and theatre. She argues eloquently that it is in the world of the imagination, where there are no wrong answers, that children can with growing self-knowledge and self-confidence play themselves into the confusions of life. This is a book about stories, painted or danced, written, sung or performed, and how constructing these stories together enables children to think about the world differently – the world as what it could be, and as, one day, they might re-make it.” –  Neil MacGregor, Art Historian and Former Museum Director

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