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Cleveland Road Primary School

5 Cs – Commitment, Care, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration

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Cleveland Road Primary School


Reading Skills and Phonics

All pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1, take part in daily phonics lessons using the Read, Write Inc. approach. This strategy is used to teach the children how to sound out and blend letters in order to read words – a skill referred to as “decoding”. 

On entering our school, the children’s understanding of phonics is assessed and pupils are placed in groups according to which sounds they need to learn to move their reading forward. The children are assessed every half term, so that they are given targeted support that will enable them to read and spell words with greater confidence. The Read, Write Inc. approach usually takes about 2 years to complete although this varies with each child. 

Pupils in Nursery are introduced to early reading skills by sharing quality texts, learning and enjoying rhymes and playing lots of games which introduce them to oral blending and to hearing the different sounds. Some Nursery children may commence the Read, Write Inc. programme, if they are ready for this next stage in their learning. 

Pupils who join us in Key Stage 2 are assessed on entry and are offered phonics interventions and given extra support, if it is required.  

Cleveland Road Primary School

Cleveland Road, IlfordIG1 1EW