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Cleveland Road Primary School

5 Cs – Commitment, Care, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration

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Cleveland Road Primary School

STEAM Project

STEM Learning through the Arts

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, four areas of learning that are deeply intertwined and form part of every aspect of our lives. You might also have heard STEAM mentioned where the A stands for Art. At Cleveland, we embrace every aspect of STEM and STEAM, combining STEM with art-based learning methods, adds to the creative aspect which is so important when trying to engage young children at home or school.

Why is STEM important?

Exposure to STEM subjects helps children to develop critical thinking, reasoning and investigative skills, whilst encouraging innovation and creativity. By stimulating a child’s innate curiosity about the world and allowing them to explore and ask questions from an early age we can help develop a long lasting passion for science and discovery.

Developing Partnerships with Other Schools

Working with other schools within the London Borough of Redbridge, the children of Cleveland have been developing a project which explores the STEM subjects through the arts. We hope you enjoy the outcomes. 

Cleveland Road Primary School

Cleveland Road, IlfordIG1 1EW