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Cleveland Road Primary School

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Cleveland Film School: Creating Your Own Music Video

Cleveland Road Primary School have put together this guide to enable teachers to plan and deliver a music video module within Primary Schools. It is only a guide; you may find some sections work for you whilst other parts do not dependent on the age, level and engagement of your students. The wonderful thing about this module is that it can be done within the classroom, or as an after-school activity, across a range of year groups.


As a creative project, there is a lot of scope for student-led learning. Allowing freedom within a structure of creation, is a fantastic way to encourage inventiveness. Children are familiar with music videos, having access to them daily, so you will find they are full of ideas and positivity for the project.


We hope you enjoy our guide and the work created by our pupils. To view all the help videos and the final product, visit the Multimedia page. 

Cleveland Road Primary School

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