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Music Technology: GarageBand

Music Technology Project: Beowulf

Music Technology Project: Beowulf 1
Music Technology Project: Beowulf 2

This term, our Year 4 pupils are taking part in a Music Technology project, working alongside the A Little Learning team. The project is giving our pupils an opportunity to work on iPads using Garage Band software.


The children are currently using this software to compose pieces of original music to accompany scenes from their current key text, Beowulf, as retold by Michael Morpurgo.



Beowulf: The Soundtrack, Class 4A

Welcome to Year 4's original soundtracks to accompany the ancient Viking tale, Beowulf. The children have created these pieces of music using GarageBand. They have also added additional vocals and sound effects to the tracks. We hope you enjoy them and that they add another element to the experience of reading this terrifying, exhilarating story of fiendish monsters and brave heroes.

Beowulf: The Soundtrack, Class 4F

Beowulf: The Soundtrack, Class 4G

Beowulf: The Soundtrack, Class 4I