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Resources to help you create a safer online world for your children


Us Online -

Roar Educate - E-Safety Activites

You will need your Frog Username and password to access this website


Secure Passwords

A program that will test how secure a password is


Common Sense Media -

A parental guide to all types of media, film, games, apps, music and websites


Net Aware -

A parent’s guide to social media websites and apps. Follow the Net Aware links on this page.


Parental controls -

Explains how to setup parental controls on a wide range of devices and your Internet provider


Privacy Settings -

Explains how to set up privacy settings on a wide range of social media websites


A Parental guide to technology -

Guides that range from a smartphone to a Nintendo 3DS and covers how to secure your Internet browsers


Childnet -

Interactive presentation about the Internet delivered in multiple languages.


KidSmart -

An online guide to E-Safety for children and parents, this is the website we use at Cleveland


Think You Know -

Parent and carer section, use the "click CEOP" button for advice and report online abuse


If you have any questions/queries or concerns about Online Safety then please contact Mr White or Mr Smith by asking at the front office.