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School Dinners and Packed Lunches

School Dinners

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School dinners are provided by ISS. The cost of school dinners is £2.00 per day, £10.00 per week. Payments should be made in advance


All school dinner money needs to be paid online. Please click on the link below to create or access your account. 


Click here to pay register for online payments


If you have no access to online payments, or for any other issues or queries regarding school dinners, please contact ISS on 08445 835754. Please note that this number is charged at the usual local rate. 


If you believe your child is entitled to free school meals, please contact the London Borough of Redbridge for further details. You can apply online at or visit the One Stop Shop in Lynton House, 255-259 High Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1NN. 

Packed Lunches

Packed Lunches 1
Packed Lunches 2
Packed Lunches 3

Healthy Eating: Small Changes can make a Big Difference!


Although we have seen a big improvement in the lunches many children are bringing into school, there are always ways we can improve our children’s diets and help them to lead healthier lives. Here are some simple ideas to get you started:


    1. Make one change at a time.


    2. Always include a starchy food such as bread, pasta or rice, in each meal.


    3. Peel or chop fruit and vegetables and put them in a small pot or bag to increase the chances of your

        child eating them.


    4. If your child likes sweet foods, swap a chocolate bar for raisins or grapes. If they prefer savoury

        foods, swap the crisps and give them crunchy carrot sticks or plain popcorn.

    5. Swap sugary squash and juice drinks for water or milk. Do not send juice into school with your child’s

        packed lunch – water only!

    6. Swap processed cheese for real cheeses like Edam or cheddar.

Top Tips for Healthy Lunch Boxes


Check out these top tips for an easier and healthier lunchbox life:


    1. Keep a selection of breads in the freezer for sandwiches and defrost them when needed. 


    2. Cook extra pasta, rice or potatoes, when preparing your evening meal, to make into an effortless

        and tasty salad for lunch the next day.


    3. Prepare carrot, cucumber or celery sticks the night before while cooking dinner, to save on washing

        up and time.


    4. Set a good example at home by showing the children you enjoy the healthy foods you are providing

        in their lunchbox.


    5. Enough plain popcorn can be made easily and quickly in the microwave for several days, to save

        precious time.


For health and safety reasons, glass items, fizzy drinks or products which contain nuts are NOT allowed. Lunch boxes should not contain sweets, chocolate, cake or crisps.

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