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Cleveland Road Primary School

5 Cs – Commitment, Care, Co-operation, Courtesy, Consideration

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Cleveland Road Primary School

Highway Heroes

Welcome to Highway Heroes

At Cleveland Road Primary School, our children develop the key social and emotional skills they need, through the delivery of Highway Heroes. This is a comprehensive programme designed specifically for children in the primary school years. The Highway Heroes curriculum consists of 4 units of learning:


✓ The Social Highway – Modules 1 (Bullying & Teasing) & Module 2 (Friends and Playground Resilience)
✓ The Learning Highway – Module 3 (Growth Mindset, Staying-power & Grit)
✓ The Emotional Highway – Module 4 (Feelings, Moods & Resilience)

The Highway Heroes curriculum teaches 33 essential TOOLS for self-management and building resilience at home, in the playground and in the classroom.


Our curriculum grows with children as their social, emotional and learning landscapes change. Based heavily on experiential learning, we know that the social, emotional and learning issues that a child faces in Year 1 will most certainly not be the same in either Year 2 or Year 3. And that’s the magic of Highway Heroes – it grows with the children’s experiences and expands on their knowledge and skill set whilst core concepts are rehearsed and consolidated.

Cleveland Road Primary School

Cleveland Road, IlfordIG1 1EW